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Free Foamy Plans in DXF and PDF
More plans added regularly!

I have developed these plans over the years that I spent selling Depron kits(as Bratton Miniature Aircraft). I have sold these as kits and ARF's at local swap meets and at E Fest. After being away from that aspect for several years I have decided to provide these plans to my fellow modelers for free. By downloading these plans you expressly agree to use them for your own personal hobby use and that no commercial use is allowed. Ryan Bratton, Bratton CNC (formerly BMAplanes).  ENJOY!

I will also be adding some free plans from the interwebs. These plans will be annotated as such.

Really good 3D Flyer. I have sold several of these planes/kits and have built several for myself.

It's been so long I don't remember much about this model.

Easy building and flying jet model. Looks really good in the air and can be flown fast or slow.

The Feather V2 is a super indoor 3D flyer or calm weather outdoor model. All Up Weight with a 350-2 cell and an 8X4 prop and compatible motor and ESC is around 6 oz (3mm Depron). I've build a few of these for myself for flying during the winter indoor season (1X3 Carbon Spar).

The Destiny is the pinnacle of my aircraft design work. I attribute it's flight characteristics to about 75% knowledge and experience and 25% luck. It is a superb indoor pattern and 3D flyer. It has ZERO coupling. I think you will be surprised when you fly this one!

The Foam Cat is an easy build pusher jet model and has great flight characteristics slow or fast! Typical power is with a 1000mah 3S battery and the drawing uses a 6mm carbon spar.

My "Super Hero" model is a fun one to fly at events. Super simple build with a flat carbon spar and can be powered with 2S or 3S in the 500mah range and an 8x4 ish prop.

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